BAL - Innovative products since 1972.
ULTRA-FRAME Travel Trailer Frame

Norco Industries BAL brand has supplied the RV Industry with the most durable lightweight frame available this century.

Developed and tested in the late 90's BAL has cornered the market with its lightweight, high strength design. The durability of this frame was originally tested at the automotive proving grounds. While the test results were impressive the everyday performance of the tens of thousands of travel trailers built on BAL frames speak volumes.

Here's why:

The entire frame is formed out of HSLA (high strength low alloy) steel, yielding the    greatest strength to weight ratio available.

Little to no welding. Welds crack and don't take a good finish. Our engineers have    designed the BAL frame to rely on huck bolts and interlocking dimples. This    connection is stronger and more consistent than welding.

Frame components are formed out of sheet steel not cut tube. This process yields a    frame that is 100% consistent.

The entire frame is painted component by component with an automotive style e-coat.    This is a dip process that coats 100% of the frame. So there is no rusting. Any    component that is in a highly visible area such as the A-frame or bumper has an    additional layer of powder coat for added protection.

This frame is a highly engineered automotive style chassis designed to be lightweight and extremely durable.

U.S. Patent Pending