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Accu-Slide™, the amazing new slide-out from BAL, is so ingeniously designed, yet so amazingly simple, you’re likely to say it works like magic. A revolutionary, lightweight, heavy-duty system, Accu-Slide increases the quality and customer appeal of RV’s through superior performance and increased design flexibility. Yet, it’s cost-efficient to install.

Greater design flexibility, for added customer satisfaction: Accu-Slide is a patented slide-out system designed as a frame within a frame, with the slide-out action controlled by BAL’s innovative power jamb technology. The outside frame fits snugly into the precut wall of the RV, and the slide-out room fits into the inside frame. When the power switch is activated, the system’s stainless steel cables glide the room precisely in or out. So Accu-Slide gives you unprecedented freedom to build RVs with customer-pleasing slide-outs.

Any size:
 Accu-Slide, in its multiple sizes, is ideal for motor homes, travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Any application: The system has no mechanical devices, hydraulics, rods or stabilizers above, beside or below the unit. So Accu-Slide can be placed in any location in the coach — including above wheel wells, above the basement, or even one slide-out above the other. And you can easily run wires and ductwork beneath the slide-out.

Opens wide: Accu-Slide can open as deep as 60 inches, providing great flexibility in floor plan design, plus extra living space for RVers.

Hassle-free power requirements: The slide-out runs off the RV DC power, making installation and usage easy.

Potential for bigger profits.
Units are shipped with all the parts intact and ready to be installed: interior and exterior frames with electric motor, rubber wipes, bottom rollers and cable system attached. The frame can be installed into the precut space in less than 15 minutes, and the slide-out room can be installed in another 15 minutes. Due to its advanced concept, its limited number of parts and the simplicity of design, there is little to go wrong with the system on the line. No hydraulics or pumps to double check. Just an ingenious cable system. With its faster, trouble-free installation, flexibility of usage and increased customer appeal, Accu-Slide will prove a better value than old-style slide-outs. This translates into a greater value for you.

Accu-Slide helps you build a better RV, beefing up your bottom line: Think of the incredible work done by advanced design cable systems. High-rise elevators with their tremendous weight capacity. Fighter jets with their high-precision fly-by-wire technology. Accu-Slide is in the same league. It’s far superior to competing slide-outs.

 Each stainless steel support cable has a tensile strength of more than 2,000 lbs. That’s strong enough to support the heaviest slide-outs.

Light-weight: The entire mechanism weighs less than 40 lbs. So you can include extra features on the coach. And RVers can take along extra cargo — plus save on fuel.

Smooth, even operation: Tension is applied evenly at all four corners so the slide-out glides smoothly in and out with no glitches.

Complete seal: Rubber wipes prevent debris from entering unit, and precision actuation guides your bulb seals to close tightly. So Accu-Slide helps ensures a complete seal.

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Accu-Slide Brochure

Accu-Slide Manual Override Procedure PDF

Accu-Slide Cable Routing Diagram for Standard

Accu-Slide Cable Routing Diagram for Double Back System

Accu-Slide Wiring Diagram

Accu-Slide Maxed Out Adjustment

Accu-Slide Adjustment Procedure

Accu-Slide Roller Installation for Collapsed Wear Bar

Accu-Slide Cable Replacement Instructions

Accu-Slide HYBRID Parts Identification

Accu-Slide ECONO Parts Identification

Troubleshooting Guide

Standoff Bracket Placement

Service Manual

Motor and Gearbox Replacement Procedure

Jamb Replacement Procedure

Replacement Parts: Motor Identification

ABS Installation Manual

G4 Installation Instructions

Cast Corner Assembly



Accu-Slide System Overview Video

Accu-Slide Standard Adjustment and Tensioning the Cables Video

Accu-Slide Double Back Adjustment and Tensioning the Cables Video

Accu-Slide Manual Override Video

Accu-Slide G4 System Identification Number Location Video

Accu-Slide Hybrid & ABS System Identification Number Location Video

Accu-Slide Motor and Gearbox Replacement Instruction Video

Accu-Slide Measuring Wear Bar Video

Accu-Slide Cable Replacement Video

Replacement Components

Click Here for Accu-Slide System Replacement Parts


Have questions about maintaining or using our products?
We’re here to help with documentation and troubleshooting support!


Have questions about maintaining or using our products?
We’re here to help with documentation and troubleshooting support!


Have questions about maintaining or using our products?
We’re here to help with documentation and troubleshooting support!


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